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  • The world's first sleep-mask that lets you take a peek without disrupting sleep using innovative 'blackout panel' design
  • 100% Blackout - 360 degree blackout for deep sleep or pull up the front panel for dimmed light while snoozing
  • Freedom to Blink - Raised foam layer keeps the mask away from eyes and lashes for unrestricted eye movement
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  • Cocoons your body for a secure feeling that aids sleep while travelling
  • Keeps valuables close at hand with security pocket
  • Lightweight warmth made from plant-based sustainable down
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  • The Packing Cube - Reinvented - each set includes 3 sizes of pod and carry strap
  • Made using Plastic Bottles - Each set is made using fabric created with 13 recycled plastic bottles
  • Hang Anywhere! Use the clever loop and hook system to hang your pods and never unpack again
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  • Made with COOLMAX®and knitted with LYCRA® for a comfortable fit and experience
  • Trtl Travel Socks are made in 3 sizes to ensure the perfect fit and stop that 'too tight' feeling you get with most 'one size' compression socks
  • Gentle Compression of 15-21mmHg reduces swelling and promotes circulation in your lower legs