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"A Trtl neck pillow that's 10 times more comfortable than those cheap, flimsy pillows you buy at the airport minutes before your flight. It's designed to keep your head in a comfortable position the entire time you snooze, which means no painful bobble-heading."


"The new version has adjustable neck support which allows for Goldilocks-style comfort and the fabric wrap is vented with a breathable mesh. It also comes with a carrying case to keep it clean and separate from your other belongings (aka your shoes or dirty laundry post-trip). The price point is higher, but we firmly believe good sleep is priceless."

U-Shaped Pillows hold your head in a bad position. This is a healthier alternative, made of structured foam that can be thrown into the washing machine.

I will do anything to sleep through turbulence. I used to pray for a window seat so I could rest my head on the germy walls, but I am no longer dependent on sheer luck anymore. The Trtl pillow has made it to where I can fall asleep sitting up nearly anywhere.

For me, neck pillows are a point of contention. When you realize how disappointing they are, you put them in a closet and pretend it never happened. Or at least that’s what I thought — until I met the product that made me believe in travel pillows again: the Trtl Pillow.


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